In this post you will learn multiple ways you can use Snapchat to market your event.

In case you haven’t heard, Snapchat is currently on a huge roll…and for good reason. With roughly 200 million users right now and 10 billion videos viewed daily, its running circles around most of the other platforms in terms of time spent on site, user growth, and engagement. It’s the MOST personal and customizable social media channel available because it allows users to instantaneously curate both the content they consume AND the connections they allow into their feed.

IMG_8480The word often used to describe Snapchat is ephemeral, which is what makes it such a perfect platform to use for event coverage and marketing. When you attend an event you are THERE…in the moment, which is where all of the value lies. Of all the social media channels its really Snapchat that is able to convey this in the best way.

So that’s WHY you should consider using it for your event. What about the HOW?

Before we get to the list, let’s first touch on the part of the process that may not seem obvious or important at first but that can make or break your Snapchat campaign activation.

The Importance of Planning

Yes, much of the value in Snapchat is in the real-time, moment-to-moment nature of snaps. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan what you can ahead of time.

3 things to consider doing prior to the event:

Have a tutorial available

Assume that a certain segment of your audience has no idea how to use the app, and that even the ones that do don’t actually know all of the features and capabilities. The tutorial doesn’t have to be one you make yourself for the event (although a custom one is ideal). You can definitely accomplish your goal with someone else’s resource. H2H University offers a great one in video form, and Snapchat Strategy provides a great written version.

Identify your core group of Snapchatters

Reach out to them ahead of time to get everyone on the same page. I can’t stress enough how important this step could be, especially if you think many in your audience will need help. You don’t have to tell your event “influencers” any secrets or big announcements, but you do want to advise them of WHEN those things may be coming, so they’re aware of when specifically to be snapping.IMG_4117

Making custom geofilters? Provide a map. Where/when can attendees find and use them? Consider awarding a prize to the first user to snap using all of them that then tweets them with a specific hashtag.

Speaking of geofilters, let’s move on to the list…

1.How To Add And Use Snapchat Geofilters

Can I just say that I freaking LOVE these things?

IMG_5487I mean it…since the day that Snapchat announced that basically ANYONE could start creating and purchasing their own custom geofilters for both personal and business use on the platform, I’m not ashamed to say that I haven’t stopped talking about them and have been coming up with new ways (some examples here and hereto implement them.

The ability to customize Snapchat geofilters represents potentially the biggest social media marketing opportunity since the advent of targeted Facebook advertising.


Snapchat doesn’t approve everything that gets submitted just because you’re agreeing to pay for it. I’ve had a few get rejected for different reasons. I have to say this: their customer service was actually very responsive and helpful, especially given I ended up being in a time crunch. They explained what the reasoning was for the rejection which then allowed me to revise, resubmit, and get the snapchat geofilters approved in time. Snapchat’s geofilter submission guidelines can be found here.

2. Real-time Communication With Attendees

Did a room or a time change unexpectedly?

Is there a piece of news about the venue that attendees need to be made aware of immediately?

Anything of this nature could be sent via Snapchat as either part of a story or to certain individuals directly as needed (assuming of course they’re on Snapchat lol…this is where planning comes in that was mentioned before).

You can even use the app for any of the following purposes:

  • Facetime call
  • Phone call
  • Audio voice messaging
  • Video voice messaging

3. Platform Adoption

There’s usually going to be a core group out of the hundreds or thousands of event attendees that are either casual users or avid, non-stop Snapchatters. This group is who will be the ones to help others AND help you as the event organizer spread the word. There will be a jump in followers, adoption and usage due to some mild peer pressure and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Your core group will literally whip out their devices and show everyone funny faces, captions and, more importantly, encourage others to start snapping using the custom (branded) geofilters that you designed for the event.

4. Immediate Feedback

Probably the most under-rated item on this list.

Would it be valuable to event organizers to obtain real-time or near real-time feedback?

  • What are people’s favorite parts of the event?
  • What is their favorite quote from a speaker so far?
  • What suggestions do they have for future events?

Allow your attendees to directly participate and also feel validated just by listening to them (where they even actually SEE its been read and/or screenshotted), then even add to that by replying in a quick video response.

5. FUN

IMG_8189Ultimately people end up using Snapchat because of the huge fun factor that exists. The branded geofilters are generally a fun feature, along with the funny face lenses, face-swapping, emojis, etc. It’s a fun way for people to communicate both appealing AND boring information, which means people will share essentially anything through the app and more importantly others will potentially pay attention to it.

And YES, this means you SHOULD use a social media channel to BE social not just DO social (h/t Brian Fanzo and Jay Baer), and Snapchat allows you to easily accomplish that goal for your event more than any other platform out there today.

By: Vincent Orleck

#NotAGuru, maven, ninja or rock star | CMO at @BRANDishSocial | President @smcphoenix

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Vincent Orleck

#NotAGuru, maven, ninja or rock star | CMO at @BRANDishSocial | President @smcphoenix

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