Executive Team

Bryan Kramer

Co-Founder, President/CEO
Author, TED speaker

Bryan is a CEO, Executive Consultant, global speaker, host, and author of 2 best-selling books “Shareology: How Sharing is Powering the Human Economy” which debuted in USA Today’s “Top 150” books, and “There is No B2B or B2C: It’s Human to Human #H2H”.

Bryan is one of the world’s foremost leaders in the art and science of sharing, and has been credited with instigating the #H2H human business movement in marketing and social. With over 350,000 social fans and followers, and an intimate understanding of the intricacies and interworking of both social technologies and social behaviors, Bryan is both a practitioner and authority on the subject and was dubbed the “Zen Master of Digital Marketing” by Forbes.

Bryan’s “The BK Show” podcast series is in the top 100 marketing podcasts on iTunes. He is a TED speaker, and speaks all over the world spreading the H2H word about the human business movement.

His latest book, “Shareology: How Sharing is Powering the Human Economy”, published by Morgan James Publishing, made the USA Today’s Top 150 Book List the week of its release, as well as #1 on Amazon in four categories. It was recently syndicated for a 2016 release in China. The book explores the history, art and science of sharing, and illustrates why sharing is what gives us a unique competitive advantage as individuals and brands.

A San Jose native, Bryan is also a renowned global speaker, consultant and trainer. In a unique sharing experiment conducted in his TED Talk @ IBM titled “Why Sharing is Reimagining Our Future”, Bryan witnessed the true power of sharing when inspiration combined itself with reach and technology. The results were stunning – 21 million impressions in just 4 hours, spanning the globe to over 10 countries.

An experienced interviewer and host, Bryan has spoken with the greats, including Ted Turner, Founder of CNN and philanthropist; George Zimmer, Founder of Men’s Wearhouse; and John Grisham, renowned fiction author of 30 novels and nine blockbuster films including The Firm, Runaway Jury, and The Pelican Brief.

Bryan has appeared on many lists, including:

  • Top 15 Most Influential to CMOs – Forbes
  • Top 200 Content Marketing Global Influencer – Onalytica
  • Top 50 Most Influential in Artificial Intelligence – Onalytica
  • Top 30 Most Influencer Social Media Influencers – Onalytica
  • Top 50 Social CEOs on Twitter Globally – Huffington Post
  • Top 25 Influencer to Follow – Forbes
  • Top 25 Social Media Keynote Speakers You Need to Know – Forbes
  • 100 Most Influential Tech People On Twitter – Business Insider
  • Top 100 Tech Influencers on Twitter – Globe Runner
  • 13 Top Social Selling Individual – Onalytica
  • PureMatter #44 Top Social Selling Brand – Onalytica

To read Bryan’s blog and learn more, visit www.bryankramer.com

Courtney Smith Kramer

Executive Creative Director, Author and Consultant

Courtney Smith Kramer is a Marketing Consultant, Executive Creative Director, Strategist, Designer, and author of “21 Reasons Creativity is Like Sex: Why Everyone Can Do It, Have a Sense of Humor About It, and Use It To Make the World a Better Place”, which launched in November 2016 at the #1 spot in Business Humor books on Amazon. Courtney was recently named a “Top 200 Global Influencer in Content Marketing”, earning the #17 Top spot in Agency Strategy by UK-based Onalytica.

Her superpower is helping people get clear.

She is proud to be one of the 3% of women creative directors in the U.S. She has won hundreds of creative awards in her career, including ADDYs, W3 Awards and Webbys, and her work has appeared in the PRINT International Design Annual, Logo Lounge Master Library Series and Graphic Design Monthly.

She is an accomplished creative juror, having judged the Creativity International Competition, the W3 Awards sponsored by Adweek, and numerous ADDY award competitions across the country. She is an invited member of the AIVA (Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts), an International clearinghouse for creative judges, and an Advisory Board member of the World Brand Congress.

The PureMatter H2H Human-to-Human Connection

In 2002, we co-founded our Silicon Valley marketing agency, PureMatter, where we helped Fortune 1000 companies get clear, gain customers and revenue. Working at this corporate enterprise level, we observed how much technology and the need to scale quickly was preventing our clients from finding their voice and authentically connecting with their customers. This is what sparked our mantra, that eventually started the H2H movement:

“There is no B2B or B2C: It’s Human-to-Human, H2H. Businesses don’t have emotion; people do. And people do business with people.”

In 2014, Bryan recited this mantra, like he had for so many years, so many times, at a CMO keynote speech at Bloomberg in San Francisco. Within 48 hours, a Tweet featuring him in front of a slide with this mantra made it around the globe, earning over 80 million impressions, and was written about in over 250 blogs in multiple languages. Within 14 days, the pair wrote and self-published the book “There is No B2B or B2C: It’s Human-to-Human H2H” – which some have called a “manifesto” – explaining why it was time for businesses to be humanized, and why H2H is an ethos that needs to revolutionize the way we communicate and do business with each other.

Finally, the call for simpler communication, empathy, and celebrating our human imperfections had been heard. 

Why does “being human” even matter? Technology, robots and Artificial Intelligence are exponentially on the rise. But machines are “doings”. Humans are “beings” who can tell meaningful stories that connect our hearts to each other. We have humor. We have empathy. We have humility. And we all have a desire to foster deeper connections. Machines do not.

In 2015, The Writer named H2H as a top 10 Social Media Buzzword of the year. In 2016, Sprout Social named H2H a Top 7 “Game Changing Marketing Term to Know”. H2H is here to stay.

Today, Bryan and Courtney co-host the #H2Hchat weekly Facebook Live series and most recently launched the membership community H2HClub.com to continue to preach the H2H ethos that being human is our competitive advantage, and serve as the “outsourced CMO resource” to Fortune 1000 Executives, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Our mission is clear: To humanize business. We envision technology and people working together, side by side, to build stronger human connections.